Events in Autumn 2014

Autumn “Ombre”

Reason why try hair trend “ombre hair “ is just a few. You look younger, brighten skin and you can even have it troughout the Autumn. Because it is not a radical change with your visage and results always look very natural, This hair trend may have a woman who does not like big change. Like any lightening hair, “ombre” can beautifully brightens the skin and also makes you younger.



Do you have unruly hair that still do what they want? Because the brand Goldwell wants to always have your hair like silk, brought the system will Kerasilk intensive care. Kerasilk Products are specialists in curly hair. Selected components are combined with silk proteins and jojoba oil. Thanks to its in-depth care supply products Kerasilk softness and smoothing effect for extremely stubborn hair. Let intensive care Kerasilk fix your unruly hair – your every hair will be soft as silk.



Relaxation massage is the perfect escape from everyday life, autumn day and relieves stress the human body. Massage relieves blocks energy channels, relaxes the body and the person feels after the massage as the newly born. Different techniques help from pain, stress, muscle stiffness and helps promote blood circulation, lymphatic system and eliminate toxins from the body. We use essential oils. After a busy day spent relaxing massage is the best spine and neck or full body relaxation massage, after which you will feel in paradise.


Beauty treatments

Autumn is the time when every woman should be focused on the damage caused by the sun’s rays on the skin, long swimming in salt or chlorinated water, air temperature changes. this is the right time when our skin can prepare for the winter, when our skin should be given the best possible condition. Our beauty services are on a high professional level. Our priority is maximum satisfaction, a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Hydrating and lifting treatment “Le Soin Lissant”

As with all treatments developed Labs Biologique Recherche, also this facial treatment begins with a preparatory phase: cleaning the face and neck oxidative Oxygénant milk Lait VIP O2 and exfoliation / hydration via Lotion P50. Re-balanced skin is then ready for application Complex Restructurant et Lissant supplemented by modeling massage. The skin is refreshed, smoothed and toned. Instantly brightens skin and provides long-lasting hydration.