Our team

Ivana Hájková

Ivana Hajkova

owner, LPG therapist

Dear friends,
please let me introduce you to my Papilio Team which is ready to make your dreams come true. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Michaela Čigášová

Michaela Cigasova

assistant manager, LPG therapist, masseuse

Michaela will make you feel refreshed and brand new. Thanks to her skill with LPG Cell M6 Integral, she is able to eliminate all “stubborn” fat resistant to physical exercise and diets. LPG can by non-invasive way degrate body fat, make your skin firm and re-shape it and smooths cellulite areas. LPG Endermolift brings deep middle layer of your skin to a visible outcome on the top of your skin.

Anastasia Novitcaia


Iveta Fialová


Jitka Vodičková


Simona Humpálová


Renata Humlová


Karolina Fahounová

Martina Šuhajová

Martina Šuhajová

EMS coach

Soňa Hrachová


Lidia Fabian

manicurist, pedicurist

Lyn Ellis

eyelash extensions

Lyn specialises in CLASSIC (lash-to-lash) Lash extensions, brow shaping and Brazilian epilation. Her keen eye for detail and precision allows her to give her clients the custom lash extension experience they desire and deserve. Lyn uses only the highest of quality products (Blink Lash) and is continually researching and trying new products and techniques as they come on the market to stay up-to-date with the lash industry in order to provide her clients with the best experience. Lyn also specialises in Brazilian waxing, trained here in Prague by a native Brazilian with outstanding expertise and knowledge in this field.