Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing is the removal of hair from the pubic area. The hair can be shaped to a landing strip, martini glass or Hollywood, which is when all the hair is removed. Brazilian waxing is becoming more and more popular amongst women and men for hygiene reasons as well as general comfort.

* Sugar-based natural materials are used in sensitive areas, which adhere to the hair only and not the skin.

*** If you are coming for any Brazilian waxing treatment, please ensure that the hair is at least 5mm long – which would be about 9/10 days’ worth of hair growth. ***

Hair Removal with Hot Wax

With this method a wax cartridge is warmed in a heater, the cartridge has a head which spreads a thin layer of warm wax onto the skin. A waxing strip is then placed on the wax and pulled off against the direction of hair growth. This method is suitable for larger areas such as arms, legs, chests, backs. It is fast and minimises discomfort.


Brazilian 700 Kč
Bikini Line 300 Kč
Legs half 450 Kč
Legs full 600 Kč
Arms half 250 Kč
Arms full 350 Kč
Arm Pits 200 Kč
Upper Lip 100 Kč
Full Back 800 Kč
Half Back 400 Kč
Chest + Stomach 800 Kč

* Prices stated are for a typical amount of hair and may be adjusted to reflect the situation for each individual.