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About the EMS method

Workout EMS

The training using EMS technology uniquely combines the benefits of personal training with advanced technology, which was developed as a training method for atronauts, later used for physiotherapeutic purposes, and a few years ago used for sports training purposes in Western Europe.

The EMS method is based on a special equipment and specially developed training for this type of activity. For 20 minutes of training, we stimulate more than 90% of the body’s muscle mass thanks to pulses transmitted simultaneously to nine major muscle groups, whose intensity can be regulated according to individual needs – either predefined programs or direct individual settings.

The method is absolutely safe because the current intensity used by the system is several milliamps in order, which is absolutely harmless from the point of view of the organism.

EMS benefits

Saves your time – just 2 times 20 minutes a week is enough

Visible results for a short time – 20 minute EMS training is equally “nutritious” for the body as 3-4 hours of training in the classic gym

You do not need any bag – everything you need you get in my studio 😉 !

  • Special training suit
  • Towel
  • Toiletries – shower gel, hair shampoo, hair styling, etc …
  • Drinking mode – during the workout the ionic drink, after the workout protein one
  • Practicing without shoes

Who is the training suitable for?

The program is unique in that anyone can start with it, regardless of age, gender, and previous training, while being completely safe and in a much shorter time will allow the body to move much more intense than other training programs, resulting in the desired results faster.

What does training with XBody Actiwave machine bring to you? 😀 ?

  • Practice the whole body at one time (95% of the muscles), so it takes only one training for 20 minutes
  • The primary goal is to achieve an optimal mutual fat / muscle ratio because then your body can burn much more calories
  • The training is without side effects and is also 100% safe
  • Increases performance, endurance, dynamics, speed
  • The method is considerate to your tendons and joints and, unlike the training with dumbbells, does not burden the connective tissues
  • It alleviates the symptoms and causes of cellulite, improves blood and lymph circulation, stimulates metabolism
  • In the muscle mass it compensates for the shortcomings and the imbalance brings good welfare and the feeling that you are fit, has anti-stress effects
  • Mitigate cross-pain and backache – strengthen deeper postural muscles maintaining the upright position of the spine
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which is responsible, among other things, for urine retention, postnatal rehabilitation, men in mitigation of potency of organic origin
  • And many other positive physiological effects

Do not hesitate, order and come to experience the EMS training 😀 ! I look forward to you 😉 !

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