The Loyalty Programme “Club Papilio Prague”

Dear Ladies, Dear Gentlemen,

The long-awaited Salon Papilio Prague loyalty programme is already prepared for you and fully functional. Since Monday, June 29-th, 2015 you can benefit from this new programme.  All loyalty cards provide:

  • Order confirmation and ordering date reminder via E-mail, and later also via sms
  • Invitations to events organized by the CPP and their partners,

What do the individual cards differ? You get to know it below:

  1. Nontrasferable discount cards

BASIC                               FREE of Charge                                                    every 5-th service   5% discount              

BRONZE                                500,- CZK                                                          every 5-th service 10% discount

SILVER                                 1.000,- CZK                                                        every 5-th service 20% discount

Note: BASIC card has unlimited validity, SILVER and BRONZE cards are always valid for one year and are extended after paying the annual fee, which is calculated always from the date of a card  activation.

  1. Transferable credit (pre-charged) cards

GOLD                               for payment 10.000,- CZK will be charged 11.000,- CZK

GOLD Plus                      for payment 25.000,- CZK will be charged 28.750,- CZK

DIAMOND                      for payment 50.000,- CZK will be charged 60.000,- CZK

Discounts can not be added together with other discounts that are underway. Exercised will always be the discount, which is more convenient for CPP member.

Changing the conditions of “Loyalty Program CPP” is reserved. All prices above include VAT.

Further negotiations on discounts combined with several cooperating companies are underway. You will be fully informed about results in time. Other benefits could be prepared soon. We will be very grateful for your suggestions.


On Behalf Salon Papilio Prague                                                                                                                                                                           Ivana Hájková et al.